ATGM- Where are we going?

The ATGM game mechanics have been in the game for a while now. The performance data was evaluated and a nerf of the tank stats was decided by Wargaming. The mechanics itself remains untouched. But is that enough to bring the game back into a positive light? There's rumours everywhere and the community is dissatisfied. What is your opinion? And what are your proposed changes? Please take part in the poll!

Die ATGM Spielmechanik ist jetzt seit längerem im Spiel. Die Performance Daten wurden ausgewertet und ein Nerf der Panzerwerte seitens Wargaming beschlossen. Die Mechanik an sich bleibt unangetastet. Aber reicht das aus, um das Spiel wieder zurück in ein positives Licht zu bringen? An allen Ecken und Enden rumort es, und die Community ist unzufrieden. Wie ist eure Meinung? Und was sind eure Änderungsvorschläge? Nehmt bitte an der Umfrage teil!

ATGM – Deal, or no Deal?

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  1. Stelle dir mal vor du wärst ganz neu in WoT-B und fährst ziemlich erfolgreich deine Gefechte. Plötzlich taucht einer der Rocket Amis auf und ihr werdet von dem komplett Outplayed. Nachdem wird ihr euch dann bestimmt denken ,dass ihr auch so ein Teil haben wollt. So lange gefarmt und schon geht der Spaß los. Kaum 1 Minute später merkt ihr „Oh scheiße die Raketen sind soooo geil und krass ,dass ich jetzt mein Team alleine irgendwo hinfahren lassen und ich meine 550 alphas einfach so mit ner schnellen Beschleunigung und teilweise trolliger Armour die mit Schottpanzerung ausgestattet ist austeilen. “ Nachdem gehts auf ins nächste Schlammasel und macht wieder das von vorne.

    Jetzt stellt euch vor ihr währt ein Pro von RA1D, LGN etc… und hättet so ein Ding. Ihr spielt damit wie ein Gott und sollte es dazu kommen ,dass du am Ende alleine gegen einen Heavy spielst hast du einfach nur gewonnen.
    1. du weißt wie man die Raketen nutzt und spielt
    2. du hast schon mit vorherigen Lights Erfahrung gesammelt , d.h du nutzt all das aus was der Panzer anbietet.
    3. du bist in der Lage den Feind abnormal zu outplayen.


  2. I think the best way to fix these tanks is to make them more consistent to the T49. What I mean is, take away the APCR from the 152mm guns and instead give them the option to fit a 105mm if they want to you AP or APCR. Otherwise the 152mm will fire HEAT and HE as their regular rounds. The HEAT round’s penetration. Should be better than on the T49 though to make sure they’re still somewhat useful and competitive. However, if they still really want to have the missiles in the game, then I think a good solution would be to turn them from high penetration HEAT to a HE missile with higher pen than most regular HE but not nearly at all near as much as a regular round and have it serve as a premium round that is also pretty expensive to use than compared to regular ammunition. Almost similar in a way to the HESH on the British mediums. That way they have to actually manage their ammunition and make the right choices of which shell to fire, and armor will actually matter again. If it’s a soft spot or a soft target in general, it’ll penetrate and do the most average damage. Otherwise it’ll cause splash, or if it’s too heavily armored, it’ll have no effect and do nothing as if it was a bounce from a regular shot. Then as for the guiding aspect, I think either they should eliminate the guiding of the missile and instead give it really good velocity that’s better than any conventional round, OR, they can keep the guiding, BUT you have to be highlighting a part of a tank through your sniper view for it to home in on where you’re pointing. Otherwise, if no target is highlighted, or you are not aiming through sniper view, the missile cannot be guided and will not home in on anything and will be completely out of your control as if it was just another regular shot, so you’d have to choose when and where to shoot your missiles wisely because obviously they’d be pretty expensive so unless you’re a complete gold noob, you won’t have holding all that very many with you. So now in this scenario, the tanks are much more consistent with the T49 with having the options of both a smaller caliber regular gun from the medium line or a big 152mm derp, but at the same time they’ll have a unique mechanic to that line only that is now also much more balanced and shouldn’t any longer break the structure of the game. So it’ll be a win-win. WG can keep their missile gimmick in the game, and we get to have fun yet balanced vehicles that are also consistent with their predecessor and still allows all other types of tanks to remain competitive and useful. Of course gun handling and armor and all those other aspects of the tanks should be adjusted too, but otherwise, I think this is a completely viable and reasonable way to fix these tanks. What do you think?

  3. I find them a bit overcooked I do like how they brought them into the game and I do like how war gaming is trying to spice things up if they would have to nurf anything it would be the penetration and for god sakes get rid of the Armor of the T92E1 they are light tanks not heavies.

  4. Wtf is wrong with u people how the fck u can think like that „sheridan shoot atgm in my side and can protect my self from it“ like is not stoped by the track ar ather thing. I have the 5 yr medal i m in this game almost from the begining i see how everi op tank was destroyed by noobs like u ,u dt need missle or 1200 dmg to be a good player. i dt have that tanks but i know how great is it because i play the old t49 atgm and u dt need to destroy other tank like u guys do with bouth fv and tier 5 leo and other .I play against the sheridan and the t92 with leopard i fcking devoured them. thows who have that tanks will never learn how to play with that rokets why becsuse tey dt know even how to play with the normat ammunition they just buy gold ammo and play with it whole game widouth thinking a sec. Every noob complayn about every new op tank what they are incapable to destry.

  5. Frankly i have played WOT for near to four years and i have kind of different tanks including that of 92 and sheridan! To be frank now every tier 10 games you will see one or two of those i have mentioned.To those players who have that two tanks they will constantly be playing with these two tanks.Why ?Simply because they are fast, they have insane damages from their guns and best of all they can fire some insane missiles killing someone from far.I personally enjoy WOT so much in the past but have been playing lesser now since i can’t play the other tanks so frequently.Who wants to get bombarded out of no where by a stupid missile?Either WOT has to removed that missile problem if not decreased their health to 600/800! One shot and that’s it for the Sheridan or 92.If not with those insane stats everyone is playing with these two tanks sooner or later.My two cents worth of suggestion.

  6. All the fucktards that say they are not broken you are one of the certified dumbasses of the year. First of all, you are not going to have a superhuman sense and notice that a missile is flying in from the left side and move. And even if you do only tanks with like 15-20 horsepower per ton are going to dodge fast enough. Second, all you dumbasses that say „oh tanks with good armor can deflect the shell“ Do you really think that there is any armor on the roof of a tank? if you do then stop playing the fucking game, and if you think I am being salty then yea I am being fucking salty. Third, this is a WWII game, yes there are tanks like the Tankenstine and Grave Digger but they actually work as a real tank. If there was technology in America to make motherfucking heat rounds go flying and turning sharper than a jet plane then the war would have ended pretty damn fucking soon. I will admit these tanks are bloody good fun, but I really don’t wanna be playing a game with 3 light tanks running around in a game. Please excuse the swearing but this has to get out there. Good on Habataku Chidori and all the other good humans that agree with this.

    1. If there was technology in america quote really got me lol. But yes mate u are absolutely right… so here I am…driving my fkng t22 and then a fkng rocket flies just over the hill. To be honest I paid it like 2 dollars because I was lucky enough to get it in second crate with leftover gold but what with all the other people who weren’t so lucky and got it only after spending 100 dollars on it? I am really dissapointed by this update and I can only try to understand how those people feel about it because it is not fair anymore… I mean I am not defending just t22 but all the other heavies that just can’t run away… they just became sitting duck… I mean yea you can turn your turret on the e 100 or Maus so missile can bounce but what to do when the same missile was launched in that way that it will hit roof… sorry mate I know I kinda repeat you but I just have the feeling that this can’t be stressed out enough… I mean c’mon all thode morons are just spamming missiles at the heavies… I know that because I have done that. To be honest we have all done it and it was fun because we were the only one who got sheridan-the people who got enough of free XP. But now id crowded with fkng sheridans and yes many players are still noobs in sheridan but as Meadsy said they are going to learn how to shoot missiles soon and what to do then? Then the tier X mm will become living hell…

      And now for the theoretical staying of missiles in the game… In my oppinion they can stay but ONLY AND ONLY IF WG decides to do something like Armored Aces did. And that thing should be the following… So if missiles stay they should be divide game in ww2 era to 50s and to Modern era from 60s to 90s… and in that mode every new mechanics would be welcome- from ATGM’s all the way to reactive armor.
      But then the whole point of the game would be ruined… And judt to say- I am okay with 30b’s and trash algorithms put in chinese tanks…WHAT THE HELL I am even ok with the boxes but let them just remove the freaking missiles…

  7. Ok, I’m going to post a comment and most of you are going to call me a salty.. whatever you want.

    This game is NO place for missiles, and it is very obvious on why that is. These tanks just cant adapt to this, nonetheless the players. Riding in tanks with no armor and good mobility is a good way to dodge the missiles, yes, but it is practically impossible when you are a lower skilled player vs a player who has played the game for many years and knows how to shoot a tank. PC players have a HUGE advantage over the mobile players, and that just shouldnt be the thing. Wargaming said there was a huge change to the way missiles worked regarding the t49a, but its all the same, just adaptable on mobile IF you’re good enough. I played the sheridan on my friends account a while back, when they first came out, and yes it was fun. Playing it now and shooting someone from behind cover AND penning then in places where you shouldnt be able to just feels disgusting and downright wrong, only because I have played the game for so long. Now some of you might have a different opinion. Yes, I’ll admit something that almost no one in these comments have: I am forced out of my comfort zone, I DO NOT LIKE THESE TANKS. I am a somewhat experienced player when it comes to Tier 9 and 10, and I mean what I say. Its hard for me to even adapt to the game, so how do you expect the newer tier 10 players to adapt, who have only just started playing tier 10 since a couple days before the new update to add these OP tanks and a while after? It just feels wrong when you’re sitting behind cover and you get absolutely shit on by a missile from BEHIND COVER, and you have almost no way to defend yourself.

    There’s my opinion. It’s either yolo and lose when there’s more than one sheridan in a game, or hope and pray you’re enemies rng is bad enough to the point where they miss shots, hit your tracks and dont do damage. Or that you get a decently good player that knows what they are doing in the same tank type.

    G’day, there it is.

  8. I personally think you should step back from this and remove them ..They are spoiling , totally a bad addition to the game ..I spend money in the game and if i have to think twice before i purchase a tier 9 or 10 you know from a WG perspective that’s not good for business ..
    Then there’s the stigma of cheating imagine you don’t know if the rocket was random guided or cheated guided this breeds bitterness and resentment with the ultmate result players deleting the game these will be the very ones most likely to actually spend money and pay for the game to continue..

  9. What about this solution:
    We remove the sheridan and t92e1 and add another slow heavy firing atgms tank (with no armor) for tier 9 and 10.
    They will basicly become heavy tank with no armor and it will be really slow but they fire atgm (NO SPACE AND NO TROLL ARMOR)
    I have a tank for the tier 10 and it is the m60a2 with the 152 atgm gun and the 122mm gun
    It will be something like this:
    They have ok turret so hulldown might be effective

  10. I hate ATGMs from the moment I got shot with a missile after it go around the corner and followed my retreat. The enemy Sheridan was out of sights from a long time, but he managet to give the missile an insane trajectory. World of tanks is not about those kind of things.

  11. Rockets is a good thing to have but it would be fare if it doesn’t stay in „regular battle mode“ bcoz it changes the whole situation when a tank is standing in a good hull down position and still the rockets are able to penetrate it than it will ruin all the fun to be a well armored tank.
    Where i can see if we need rockets in our game than it should be a completely different game mode where all tanks can shoot rockets only and no tank can shoot like standard shell type.

  12. In My Opinion, the Rockets are broken. Does that mean they should be taken out? No. Everyone, look, Wargaming JUST added these in again, and finding a balance with a new game mechanic is difficult to do on your first, or even second try. And let’s be honest, if the game were real, the rockets would destroy the other tanks, it’s far superior tech.

    However, I do believe there need to be counter measures implemented WITH the Nerf. My best suggestions are: an armor upgrade in the tech Tree, like anti-rocket armor, or add it as a Booster (The 9 extra choosable bluffs to your tank) where you pay to unlock anti-Explosive armor. This armor could do a 15-25% damage or piercing reduction on all rockets and HE caliber 130+. And it would specialize like the Ventilation, Where it’s only available tier VIII-X, and could take place of the Hitpoints or 4% armor increase.

  13. These types of tanks have no place in the game. It is unfair for others to be shot for high dmg from tanks that are 100% in cover and with cammo on. Even nerfing the dmg and penn wont help. Most missile shots hit the top of the tank so even with lower pen they will still do dmg, that is wrong! Being able to guide the shot is very unfair!! You cant angle against it for they just correct its flight and hit you somewhere else. The apcr is broken, it ability to push front line in a light is wrong, it should be like the t49, HEAT and HE only. Spotting and flanking ONLY!! No matter what you do as long as the missiles are in the game people will abuse the ability of hiding in cover and nuking people with out getting hit. Mid tanks are already breaking the game as it is, this has only made it worse. These tanks make playing a heavy a horrible time. As well as making td useless almost. Final thought. Putting modern weaponry in a game that was not made for it is unfair to all. Power creeping is getting bad!!

  14. People whine too much. The old high WR players who were cozy in their old ways have been forced out of their comfort zones. Hence, lots of whining. Missiles will stay in the game for sure however I would bet money that I major nerf is coming.

  15. Ich habe am Tag des Erscheinens nach ein paar Gefechten das Spiel weggelegt. Der Grund: die Raketen verletzen das Spielprinzip massiv.
    Das Prinzip ist: um zu treffen, musst du dich potenziell in Gefahr bringen. Der Schlüssel zum Sieg ist also, smart zu spielen. Gehe raus, wenn die Gefahr für dich gering ist und schieße.
    Mit den Raketen kannst du aber treffen ohne dich in Gefahr zu begeben. Damit ist das Prinzip gebrochen und damit ist es für mich uninteressant. Es ist dabei nicht entscheidend wie hoch die Chance ist, mit Raketen zu treffen. Fakt ist, dass man sich als normaler Panzer nicht wehren kann. Es ist wie Artilleriebeschuss mit hohem Schaden und, falls getroffen wird, mit garantiertem pen.

    Ich werde es erst wieder spielen, wenn das Prinzip wieder gilt: wenn du treffen willst, musst du raus in die Gefahr, bspw Abschuss nur bei aktiviertem zoom, ohne Umblickbereich oder aim Hilfe, nur manuelles lenken und pen maximal 300. Ausserdem den Alpha auf batchat Niveau und die Wendigkeit der Raketen deutlich träger machen. So wären immer noch Trick shots möglich, aber schwieriger und deutlich eingeschränkter. Des weiteren müsste der 10er so weich sein wie ein echter light, also ohne Schott Panzerung.

  16. The ATGMs are very exploitable at the moment. As a shell they are fine but when you can abuse the mechanic it makes it difficult to see how wargaming are planning on keeping them in the game while forcing the population to play these shells in the way they intended.

  17. Tja, ich fasse mich mal kurz.

    Seit dem WG die ATGM eingeführt haben, habe ich das Spiel deinstalliert und ich bin auch nicht auf die Idee gekommen, es noch mal zu probieren. So lange diese Raketen im Spiel bleiben, bleibe ich weg.

    Damit werde ich persönlich zwar nicht viel bewirken, weil es genug Kunden bei WG gibt, aaaaber einen der jede Menge Knete in das Spiel investiert hat, haben die Herrschaften bei WG definitiv verloren.


  18. The ATGMs r not op as they can be easy to dodge when you know how, the tanks have a long reload however their armour needs nerfing. the missiles add a new dynamic into the game and make it even more fun.

  19. Es sind ja nicht nur die Raketen. Auf dem russischen Server existieren eine Menge Mods bei denen du mit Raketen nicht mal mehr aimen musst. Raketen bringen Maps und Panzer aus dem Gefüge und sind nicht zu regeln. Schnellstmöglich wieder abschaffen.

  20. There is already cheats on RU server about this ATGM mechanics, there is lot’s of guys who exploit this type of ammo (like when they hit your tank from somewhere you can’t shoot back or when you are in a good cover but…. BOOOOOM, watch out!! There is a missile comming from your side and the shooter is front of you!!!)

    I just quit this game, WG is making a lot of bad decisions with It, I recommend you do the same

    1. I recommend you to stop being a muppet about it, there are many ways to counter it, you just don’t want to adapt, if you don’t like it, then fine, quit the game, not like they’re gonna lose money anyways

  21. Passen nicht ins Spiel. Es ist meiner Meinung nach besser, wenn die Raketen raus genommen werden. Ich habe keinen Bock auf Lenkbare Raketen. Hab lieber bock auf neue Nationen – die eh laufend kommen – und Panzer.

  22. Wargaming hat gesagt das sie keine arti ins Spiel bringen wollen. Wie blenu es bereits im heutigen Video sagte, haben sie das mit einer anderen Spielmechanik. Ganz ehrlich? So einen Mist brauchen wir nicht bei uns.

  23. Man könnte auch einen gamemode hinzufügen für die raketen panzer. Dann kann jeder selbst entscheiden ob er sie im team will oder nicht. Wenn die raketen entfernt werden sehe ich keinen Grund den Sheridan und T92E1 weiterhin zu fahren.

  24. I like the idea of atgm, but they need their own symbol other than light tank and a bit less penetration, the fact they can pen almost any tank frontally at almost any angle is ridiculous

  25. Ich wäre dafür die Rakete raus zunehmen und dem eine ’normale‘ Muitionsart gegeben. Optional auch noch eine 105mm, damit man sich aussuchen kann, ob Derp oder nicht. Der T49 hat ja auch eine Derp und eine 90mm. Der Sheridan hat auf der PC Version ja auch eine ‚kleine‘ 105mm Kanone.

  26. Die Raketen sind interessante Werkzeuge in den Turnieren. Man kann sie sehr sinnvoll einsetzen, aber manchmal sind die Panzer zu schwer zu fahren für Anfänger. Da auch viele unbedingt die Raketen auf Teufel komm raus nutzen wollen, geht viel an Potential fürs team verloren. Ich würde die Raketen auf einen moderateren schaden/schuss nerfen, etwa 400 oder 350, dabei aber die nachladezeit verbessern. Das verbessert die overall spielbarkeit der raketen und macht die dinger nicht so frustrierend. Die Derp waffe würde ich behalten, aber mit AP, HEAT und HE, dort den Alpha erhöhen und die HEAT pen auf etwa 290mm runter drücken.

    1. Das Problem ist halt egal wie die Raketen genervt werden kann man den Gegner Immernoch Ofen Risiko beschießen. Hinzu kommt aber Suchvorgänge das die Raketen die Panzerung von speziell superheavies wie der Maus oder dem vk72.01k nitzlos macht weil man sie einfach mit Raketen am Dach durchschlagen kann Mal davon abgesehen dass beim 9ner die Panzerung viel zu krass ist und beim 10ner die Mobilität

  27. Meiner Meinung nach sollten die Raketen definitiv in Spiel bleiben, da sie Blitz eine völlig neue Würze geben und eigentlich auch die erste RICHTIGE Neuerung der Spielmechanik darstellen. Angepasst werden sollten sie trotzdem, zumindest was die Wirkungsweise betrifft.

  28. In der Form finde ich die ATMG wirklich nicht „nice“! Das Gefecht lebt ja von dem Sprichwort „Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn“! So würde auch eher dafür plädieren die Lenkraketetn raus zu nehmen!!

  29. Ich finde die ATGM Mechanik einfach broke weil es einfach kein Risiko gibt für den ATGM Spieler wenn er schießt und selbst das Fahrzeug viel zu schnell ist ich hätte schon geahnt das es die kommunity wütend macht aber zum Teil haben die ATGMs ein positiven Vorteil hoffentlich lernt dann WG aus diesem großen Fehler aber mehr nicht klar es ist was neues aber warum hat WG den raus gebracht wenn es auch sogenannte,, Tester,, die dies nicht gemeldet haben.

  30. Ich bin die selber gefahren. Es ist schon sehr broken was die Raketen anstellen. Mittlerweile fahre ich mehr Tier 5-7 um den Fahrzeugen aus dem Weg zu gehen. Vorallem ist eine ganz fragwürdig wenn 3 Raketenpanzer in einem Team sind… Sie sollten ganz raus genommen werden….

    1. Was soll das in einem Panzer Spiel? Es zerstört den Sinn des Spiels, die, die mit Raketen schießen wollen, sollen ein anderes Spiel spielen. Ich habe WoT Blitz angefangen zu spielen, weil es nicht so überzogen war.

    1. Personally, they didn’t impact that much my games, even if they’re strong, my own stats improved on any point.

      As WG said in their live, only 1/4 of the ATGM shells are missiles, and even with this, they are really easy to avoid when you are quick, and to bounce when you’re well armoured (even in T-62A for example). Just keep moving, peek-a-boo, snake dance are good stuff to counter these.

      But it was already a fact before ATGM were added.

      1. For meds yeah but what about slow lumbering heavy tanks they cant avoid them what so ever or even have the chance to, not to mention T92 have insane armor and speed along with the Sheridan which is almost immune to HE.

        1. Heavies are definitely less relevant because of them. I don’t think it’s as bad as most people say but I’d think overall it’s going to be better for business if you take the missiles away.

      2. I helped friend test his atgm tank i was in my tiger 1 teir 7 there was a teir 9 and even a x the Sheridan my tiger 1 was asked to stop shooting them and let them shoot at us for target practice. Two teir even 3 below can seriously hurt the atgm tanks theres nothing wrong with them stop being new crybaby players only because soo many YouTube channel people want to tell you lies about the ATGM missile setup…….

    2. They do, but i think that if their mechanics are changed and some top armor is added to some of the tanks (as well a armor nerf) , they prbly wouldn’t be so fcking OP. I have the t92e1, and i find that i can rarely fire a missile without exposing myself and getting rekt (could just be my play style though…), but ya definitely needs an armor nerf.

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