Codebreaker Event

A new event is just around the corner in WoT Blitz - it's all about cracking codes. We have put together some information for you.

A new event is just around the corner and you can complete it even without knowing how the Enigma works. Find out what you need to do here! Yesterday, some information was shown in the official live stream from Wargaming.

The event can be divided into two different sections. The first is similar to familiar events: You earn an event currency in battles and with this you can unlock levels of the event. The levels build on each other and the main prize is the VK 168.01 (P) wall breaker.

The second stage is four different prizes that can be collected independently of each other and also independently of the first stage. However, a second event currency is needed here. More on how to earn this later.

Section I

The upper part of the event is about the wall breaker as the main prize. To obtain it, you need to collect rotors. Here you can also see the connection to the Enigma, because this device, also called a rotor machine, encrypted its signals with the help of rotors, rollers and pegboards. But you’re probably more interested in how to get these rotors! And that is quite simple:

You earn two rotors per victorious battle. If you play with an active premium account, you even earn three rotors per victory. But before the outcry of Pay2Win starts, there are two PremiumAccount days to be won on the first level and there are also plenty of certificates thanks to Battlepass.

Back to the rotors. To win the wall breaker as the main prize, you must first complete all the other levels on the plug-in board shown. A total of 590 rotors are needed. You can collect these under the condition of an active premium account in 196 victorious battles. With a WR of 60%, you have roughly 300 battles under your belt.

You have 14 days to complete the event and need at least 14 victories per day to collect all the prizes in the upper section. So let’s get going 😉

Section II

In the lower part of the event screen you can clearly see even more fields. There are four different prizes: Certificates for premium playtime, gold boosters, a unique avatar and an exclusive camouflage! To get these prizes, however, you need another event currency: the punch cards.

But how do you get the punch cards? These are available for completing secret missions, but they are encrypted. By driving battles, you will collect these encrypted missions in your stash, or for the impatient, buy them for 250 gold in the middle of the event screen.

As you can see from these examples, missions have been coded with numbers and letters. How do we find them out?

Cracking codes is always about recognising repetitions and composition of known information. So we now know that these are missions. What daily in-game missions are there? Exactly. Achieve so and so much damage, achieve so and so much experience, achieve a first class award, and the whole thing broken down further into limitations regarding tank type and nation. And it’s the same with this coding.

The code is un crackable.

The codes of the missions are composed of different parts, which are coded with letters (A-D). Each letter stands for a mission category to be fulfilled.

Currently the information is as follows:

Category A – Awards:

  1. Damage
  2. Kills
  3. Base Experience
  4. Awards (1: Mastery, 2: First Class, 3: Second Class, 4: Third Class, 5: Warrior (Top Gun), 6: Large Caliber, 7: Supporter

Category B – Tank Class:

  1. Light
  2. Medium
  3. Heavy
  4. TD

Category C – Nation:

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. USSR
  4. Great Britain

Category D – Nation:

  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. France
  4. Europe

If we now look at the examples from above, the missions are as follows:

Cipher#1: A1:1500 – Shoot at least 1500 damage.

Cipher#2: A3:750 – Reach at least 750 base XP

Cipher#5: A4:1:2:3:4 B3 C3 – Achieve at least a Third Class award in a Heavy of the USSR.


The current codings are not confirmed data, but first subjective results. As soon as the event is running we will update them if necessary. But the principle should be clear. We also don’t yet know how many punch cards can be earned per secret mission, so no effort estimate follows.

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