Event: Mauerbrecher EN

Once again, there is a new event - this time with the Mauerbrecher

What would World of Tanks Blitz be without new events? That’s why there will soon be a new one in which you can secure the German Wallbreaker! But this one will be different from the previous ones!

How do I participate successfully?

For a fortnight you have to fight for the VK 168.01 (P). The more victorious battles you enter and thus gain experience, the sooner you will have the tank. And yes, those who have a Premium Account will of course have advantages… But victories are not everything in this event!

This event is not only for experienced tank drivers, but also for the very smart ones! Let’s practice mindfulness and feel like real detectives deciphering a special code. And of course, let’s join forces with our detective friends, because several heads think better than one!

Curious now? Stay tuned for more details. I think the Enigma as a background was not chosen by chance.

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