Events at 7th birthday

This time there are three events with different prizes.

Shooting Gallery (14.06 – 21.06)

The main prize is a new German Tier V medium tank Pz. IV Gargoyle with good alpha, average dynamics, but not outstanding armor and penetration. It will be easier to get it – just win. To do this, the player needs to make a total of 20 victories over 7 days. For each of these victories, the player will receive Flags that will close the stage with the tank.

Additionally, the player can receive more rewards by completing quests for the skill:
Acte Tanker -> x3 certificate
Top Gun -> 3 gold booster
High Caliber -> 1 day premium
These stages can be completed only 5 times during the entire event.
Victory is counted only if at least 100 experience was earned. Medals can only be earned in regular and rating battles.

Strength-o-Meter (21.06 – 28.06)

In this event, you can get a brand new tier VII premium light tank Kunze Panzer in a new graphic quality, a certificate for a rare camo that can be installed on your favorite tank, 5 days of PA, 15 gold boosters.
Throughout the event, the player has to do 10 battles daily. Damage from these battles is counted and 1 Case is issued for every 100 damage.
You need to play on tier 4+ tanks, but here is a damage event, so it’s better to choose high tier tanks.
An innovation for the convenience of players – the player starts the quest for 10 battles a day manually using the “Start” button. So there is an opportunity to choose when to start the series (for example, you can first warm up a little and then start the series and play for the best result).

How it works:
players enter the event, press the “Start” button,
play 10 battles for every 100 damage, receive 1 Case
using Cases close the stages of the event
from the closed stages of the event, they receive resources and Hammers
Hammers are spent on closing 2 separate stages with a tank and a camo (that is, the tank and camo can be picked up in any order)

How much damage do you need to inflict per battle in all daily streaks during the event?
To pick up camo – at least 1150 avg. damage per battle
To pick up a tank – at least 2450 avg. damage per battle
Both tank and camo – at least 3300 avg. damage per battle

Souvenir Shop (06.21 – 06.28)

Mechanics are similar to Black Friday – player makes a purchase in the store, a special currency is issued for the purchase, which can be exchanged for closing stages of the Souvenir Shop.
From the stages you can pick up:
4 tanks: 3 from the BD event for 5 years 1 from the BD event for 6 years
BD Profile for 6 years
BD Avatar for 6 years
Chest with camouflages
PA days (maximum 10)


Have fun!

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