Leaks 8.1

The 8.0 update has been out for a week now – so time to look at the 8.1 update coming very soon!

Balance changes

Tier VII will be rebalanced, and this is necessary, meanwhile this tier belongs to the most unfair ones ever. For this, the values of more than 30 vehicles are adjusted. In my opinion, the game would be more helped to remove such OP vehicles as the Smasher or the Anihilator, but that would probably not be appropriate in terms of market economy. 😉

The biggest changes are made to the following tanks:

  • T-43 and T-34-85 Rudy get more health points (HP)
  • .

  • Comet gets a greater top speed
  • .

  • Chi-Ri gets stronger armor and a more powerful engine
  • .

  • KV-3 and IS get better gun handling, but won’t be as mobile in return
  • .

  • Black-Prince gets faster, but gun handling gets worse
  • .

  • AMX M4 45 gets stronger armor and weaker penetration
  • .

Control Modes

You surely know the option in the menu to set whether you want to play only against players who use the same control mode as you do, or not. This option will still exist for mobile gamers, but will be removed for PC gamers. There are simply too few PC players in comparison, so waiting times and matchmaking suffer. For this reason, there will only be mixed battles for PC players from now on. For mobile gamers, everything remains the same: You can still decide for yourself whether you want to have PC players in your skirmish or not.

Gift Container Adjustments


For starting the game, three containers of different value have been available for you at periodic intervals for a long time. These LogIn containers are now being revised. Wargaming is starting to break down exactly which prices are contained in them with which probabilities. More importantly, however, is the fact that there are two fundamental problems with the containers:

  1. New players, thanks to these containers, are able to obtain a vehicle of a level they themselves have never been on and lack the experience to do so.
  2. The containers contain prizes to the same extent as these, which can be earned in missions. This is not really fair to active players.

To address these issues, WG is changing the LogIn containers as follows: Players who have previously only researched Tier IV tanks at maximum will no longer receive a premium vehicle from these containers. From now on, the maximum level researched by the player will also entitle him to receive a free premium at this level. At the same time, all possible boosters and certificates will also no longer be available, in order to reduce complexity for the new players. In general, the prices will be adjusted: So there are less credits, but more boosters – heart what do you want more. 😉

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