Leaks Update 8.3

Here are the first infos about Update 8.3

We have for you the first info on the update 8.3

Many have been waiting for it for a long time:

Starting in 8.3, all tier 10 tanks will have legendary camouflage. The camouflages for the remaining tanks will be added to the game: FV 4005, FV 4202, VK 72.01K, WZ-121.
The camouflages for FV 4005 and WZ-121 are “bright and juicy” – juicy? I don’t know what that means. For FV 4202 and VK 72.01K “strict and realistic”. As usual, players who own these tanks will receive offers to buy them in the days following the update.

The improvement of graphics for tanks continues – two oldies are next:

In update 8.3, two explorable tanks – IS-7 and E 100, along with legendary camouflage – will be visually improved. These are very old tanks that have been in the game since release and have received only minor cosmetic improvements over the entire time. To make the two “patriarchs” look really new now, we have not only increased the details of the textures, enabled new render (PBR) and environmental effects for the tanks, but also significantly reworked the 3D models themselves and thus the server (collision) models.

Not only the appearance of the tanks themselves has changed, but also their legendary camouflages. On the IS-7s, the stars and guard mark have been made larger, and the E100s have had the symbols of the Wehrmacht added.

The T54E2 Premium Tier VIII tank and its legendary Shark camouflage also get a new visual quality.

Events are also available:

In September, players will have 2 events. The first one will be easy to complete, unusual and entertaining.

The second event will be much more difficult – in the second half of September there will be an in-game Clan Event Challenge. The main and only reward will be the new Polish Tier IX collector tank 50TP prototype. More details about the event will be announced in the official stream on September 2. Unfortunately I don’t have a Youtube link for it yet..

Here is the 8.3 teaser video from Wargaming.

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