MS-1 is back! and September Battle Pass

You can get it in an event end of August.

The most important: MS-1 is Back!

At the end of August there will be an event where players can get the legendary MS-1 into their garage.

During his absence, he matured, increased in level (now he will be on the second tier) and acquired a new visual quality.

And also with its own camouflage.
An avatar.
And even a profile background.

What are the rewards?

In addition to the MS-1, from the stages of the event, you can pick up:

  • Tier VI medium tank Pudel (a dynamic vehicle capable of occasional bouncing shells of same tier tanks, armed with a good weapon with good RoF, but not high damage per shot)
  • temporary certificates for researching vehicles (VI – X levels)
  • some Free XP, credits and PA. 

How can I participate and can I collect all the rewards for free?

The event will be for a small number of victories;
anyone can pick up all rewards from the event.

Tank from September Dreadnought Battle Pass

Created on the basis of the Churchill Gun Carrier, with an emphasis on close combat
(reinforced armor for better survivability, slightly worse shooting comfort and penetration). 

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