New american heavies

The tanks of the new branch are based on concepts presented in 1953 by the H. L. Yoh Company, Inc. as part of a research program for the U.S. Army. Many details about these developments are still classified, and the H.L. Yoh Company completely changed direction, but some of the data were publicly available.

M-VII-Yoh is a Tier VII Heavy, the first in the new division. It is being researched from the M6. It is a dynamic tank with a comfortable “normal” gun and decent armor in the turret. The concept of this machine by H.L. Yoh envisaged a unique turret engine layout, and we have naturally adopted this feature into the game. The downside is the rather paper-thin body and possible engine crits when breaking through the turret.

The M-III-Yoh is a Tier VIII heavyweight with a 3 shell autoloader, excellent gun depression and good dynamics. The appearance and layout are the most “classic” among all the tanks of the branch. It will be possible to bounce the grenades off the turret, but the hull must be hidden, as it has little armor. It is recommended to play on the second line and play over the turret.

M-V-Yoh – Tier IX: H.L. Yoh designers took the idea of reducing the frontal projection of the turret to the extreme, which is why it looks so unusual compared to other tanks. Features: reboundable but not invulnerable turret, two guns with autoloaders for 2 and 3 shells.

M-VI-Yoh – Tier X: It has a strong turret, but with vulnerable zones, so it is not recommended to stop while playing over the turret. As for the ninth tier, there will be two alternative guns – 105-mm and 120-mm with autoloaders for three and two projectiles, respectively. If you play with two bullets, the player will quickly do more damage (due to higher alpha and faster reloading in the autoloader), and if you play with three bullets – you will have faster reloading of the entire barrel (and thus DPM), accuracy and penetrating power. We tried to create two really alternative weapons so that players would be interested in playing both weapons and they could easily change their gameplay on the same tank.

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