New Premiums EN

A number of premiums come into the game. Info here.

New premium tanks:

The following premium tanks will be new to the game. What they all have in common is that they will be implemented with a new visual quality.


Super Hellcat (with legendary camouflage)

American level VII fighter tank

HP: 1100
Visibility: 266.1 m
DPM: 2764
Pen: 182
DMG: 225















Brittany Panther

French medium level VI

HP: 1050
Visibility: 278.8 m
DPM: 1900
Pen: 150
DMG: 160












Kampfpanzer 50 t (with legendary camouflage)

A German medium of level X

HP: 1800
Visibility: 302 m
DPM: 3678
Pen: 250
DMG: 320











Lorraine Fearless

This handsome fellow will replace the IS-6 Fearless.
We plan to balance the tank a little differently:
A faster drum, better visibility, but worse shooting comfort than a normal Lorraine.
When it will be possible to get this tank – we will inform you later.



U Tank (BP Tank)

The next BattlePass tank is waiting for you

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